Our team member’s individual expertise encompasses nearly all aspects of the start-up life cycle and so we can provide the following services:

  • Initial concept, market analysis, and business case development
  • Technical development
    • system analysis
    • architecture
    • custom test fixtures
    • board design
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • embedded systems
    • FPGA/ASIC development
    • Industrial design and packaging.
  • Controlling manufacturing costs through careful management of
    • product design
    • parts costs
    • industrial design
    • manufacturing process

We also have a strong background in the business side of intellectual property protection and can help manage your legal costs

  • Proven forms for NDA and other agreements with employees, consultants and prospective partners
  • Managing process of identifying patentable ideas, designs, and methods
  • Vetting patent counsel
  • Drafting patents for legal review
  • Providing expert witness support if needed